HUBERTUS Alpin Lodge & Spa

Holistic Life is the central guideline of the Hotel Hubertus. It describes life in harmony with tradition and nature, in a place of peace and harmony, in the mountains. With our design we have tried to strengthen this idea in the area of tension between tradition and modernity.
The 5-storey family lodge building includes the following areas:
Basement: underground car park with 15 parking spaces
Ground floor: reception, toilet facilities, indoor pool, central delivery with storage and laundry rooms
Upper floor: family restaurant with buffet and outdoor terrace, workroom and 2 family rooms
Level 2/3: 6 family Rooms per floor


Hotel & Spa

Service rendered

competition second place

Gross floor area

ca. 8350 m²


Gebrüder Traubel GmbH

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location plan

level 00

level 01



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